College of William & Mary Calendar for Recruiting (Fall 2014)

Interviewing on campus: Please indicate your choice of interview dates and number of schedules desired (each schedule allows up to 13 students for 30-minute interviews). Available interview dates are listed below.


Your organization's name:

First and Last name for a point of contact at your organization:

Point of Contact's Title:

Point of Contact's Phone Number:

Point of Contact's Email Address:

Fall Semester: Interviews are available from September 25th – December 5th, 2014.  Exceptions are Fall and Thanksgiving Break

1st Choice: 2nd Choice: 3rd Choice:

# of interviews desired: # of rooms desired:

Interview Length:
30-minute (13 students per schedule)

45-minute (8 students per schedule)
60-minute (6 students per schedule)

If you'd like to host an information session:

Date:     Time: 4:30 pm or 6:30 pm


Important Dates:

August 27th: First day of classes
September 12th: Fall Career Fair
October 11th-14th: Fall Break
November 26th-30th: Thanksgiving Break
December 5th: last day of classes