Career Transition Tutorial


This tutorial is intended to help you organize your thoughts before you begin your career transition, so that you can be more intentional about your next move. Also, this should give you some direction on how to orient yourself into the needs of the workforce market so that you'll have realistic expectations about your next move.

This tutorial will not tell you what job to pursue next.

The tutorial has 6 sections. Each section consists of a short video clip and a set of questions for you to answer. Watching the clip is optional, answering the questions is optional, although you'll get more out of it if you at least mentally take note of your responses to the questions.

Completing this whole set of exercises could take as much as an hour. If you copy the link provided in the next section, you can work on sections separately and return to update or change information.


The first section begins below.


Emotional and Personality Career decision Difficulties questionnaire

How do you cope with career decision-making difficulties?


After you answer the following questions, click the 'Submit' button below to proceed to the next seciton

How quickly must you make the transition?

What is prompting this transition?

What is your financial situation?

What are some constraints you have when considering career options?

What are the worst things that could come about in this transition?

What are the best things that could come about in this transition?

What would be the consequences of not transitioning; of staying in your current situation?

Watch the video below before completeing the exercise on the right and clicking the 'Next' button to proceed.